So Stop!

Right now I am writing, not because I have something to tell you. Or my new imagination or something else. I am writing because I need to clear my mind. But what should I write? I don’t know. Words come out on its own when I start to write. That’s why I started this way. Sometime there comes a feeling of unwillingness, you don’t want to do anything. Not even the rest. Maybe the mind gets tired of everything. People in your surrounding, you run from them because you ain’t in your sense. And you don’t want to hurt someone. You try to distract yourself all the time. You know there is something inside eating you. You don’t know clearly. And yet you don’t want to. You can’t outrun your responsibilities, your work, people’s expectation. Your mind becomes messy. Your judgement becomes cloudy. Patience starts to come to its end. It usually happens when there is something, you are worried about. And yet you don’t want to think about that. I know at this moment you just can’t think about that.

So stop!

It’s better to take break from everything and everyone. After all, you are a human being. And you can do whatever you want to. Because you must control your life, not let your life control you. It’s better to be away from some people, cause if you ain’t good, how will they get the best of you. As I heard One dirty fish can spoil the whole pond and could be dangerous to other fishes too. But we are lucky we can become better. Just take the break and clear your mind out of everything because there is nothing you can’t fight. Don’t give up, fight till the last dark night. And rise again, as sun rise at horizon.



2 responses to “So Stop!”

  1. giveitathought Avatar

    Great work …keep writing keep motivating


    1. dark anki Avatar

      Thank you 🙈


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