The Touch

“I am coming in the morning”. She said.

“It’s early, I can’t come; you know, I can’t wake up such early.” I said.

“You haven’t to. I know about you. You should sleep.” She said.

He felt her sadness through words.

In morning

6:41 am

He woke; called her: “Where are you?” He said in a sleepy voice. “I am in the bus, I am coming. You do sleep, I will call you later. When I will reach there.”

7:12 am

He woke, check the time on his phone. And slept again.

7.14 am

He woke again, and again saw the phone with half open eyes and close it.

7.29 am

He woke again. This time he stands up, took the towel and brush, went to the bathroom. He called her twice, she didn’t pick it. He was walking toward the bustand. He called her again. This time she picked up. “Where are you? He asked, again in sleepy voice.

So she couldn’t know where he is.

“I am outside the hostel. I was just going to call you. Just reach here.” She said: her voice was saying that she was tired.

“Oh! Someone is waiting for you outside the college.” He said.

“I am tired, I can’t come right now. “She said.

“Please just for this once.” He asked.

“Okay! I am going.” She replied.

She came outside. And get surprised when she saw him.

“How could you? How did you wake up? I mean you are such a lazy, I didn’t expect this.”

“Well! you are right. But I couldn’t sleep. I wanted to meet you. Last night you weren’t okay. So I decided to wake up early.” He said.

They went together to a nearby place. And it was a happy conversation. He hold her hand and his eyes said,

“Your touch makes me feel alive”


9 responses to “The Touch”

  1. Arooba Avatar

    perfect .. ^_^


    1. dark anki Avatar

      Thanks 😇

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      1. Arooba Avatar



  2. righteousbruin9 Avatar

    Lazy folks can surprise.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dark anki Avatar

      Yeah that’s true 😂


  3. padmajaramesh Avatar

    Nice 👌👏


    1. dark anki Avatar

      Thankyou ♥️


  4. bhavikakachhadiya Avatar

    Feeling like a very special when someone hold our hand


    1. dark anki Avatar

      Yeah it is ♥️


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