There were days when we write the birthday dates of our special one, on the last pages of our dairy. Nowadays facebook is the reminder of someone’s birthday. And some come to know it’s birthday when they notice the post, posted by people wishing you “Happy B’day: God bless you” May God bless you too man. When I was a child, I wanted to be a superhero. I did play a lot of games. I did fight my battle to win.

To make my stand. Curiosity runs through veins. I remember the day, I was in my nanny’ home. There is an old house too. I was there searching for things that I find interesting. I saw a raw piece of wire, plug and the two small wires coming out of it. I did join the both wires and plugged in: as I did on the switch the short circuit occurred with a good sound, that my nanny noticed and she shouted, “oye kabadi”. Well I got so many names in this single life, this one was one of them. Slowly, in home if something stopped working, everyone had blamed me. A lot of stuff happened in my life and maybe yours too. But I really want to share is about curiosity. Have you seen the video of Mentos? I am giving a clue, “Daddu!” If you remember when the human see Mentos, he was curious and the later part you know. I was going through old pics and there I saw this one. Curiosity is in her eyes. Love this one click.



4 responses to “Curiosity”

  1. ShankySalty Avatar

    I’ll read it later. But the photo of sweet baby is awsm😘😘
    Simply said that “Dil khush hoo gya”

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    1. dark anki Avatar

      Thank you 😍♥️

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  2. ShankySalty Avatar

    Very nice👍👍

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    1. dark anki Avatar

      Thanks ♥️

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