The Music

Whenever I see this pic. It reminds me of an emotion.
What it feels like when you lose everyone, you once knew and now you are alone. To start again. Waiting for someone to come and fill the gap. Or decide to live with solitary. No one knows about their own fate.
I was going to someplace. Bus was late because of the monsoon’s impacts. So I took lift from a biker.

It was drizzling. Droplets were striking on my face. Each droplet was carrying it’s own magic. The music. Beat by beat. First it felt like that of a clock. “Tick tick tick” and then like a heart beat. And then different beats; It was the most beautiful music I ever heard. And each drop had a unique impact on me. As they were colliding, my heart was creating another beat carrying happiness. And slowly I felt all those beautiful emotions one by one. I closed my eyes. Time felt like stopped. I was about to feel eternity. It felt that everything had stopped. I got my destination. I didn’t want to run anymore. Every wish washed down like the drops slipped over my face.

I wished, ‘let it be as it is.’ but nothing is permanent; the bitter truth. May be we meet again, and complete each other’s existence.



2 responses to “The Music”

  1. righteousbruin9 Avatar

    Let the best thing happen, always. It may actually be the hardest thing, but best is what matters.


    1. dark anki Avatar

      Yeah that’s right ♥️

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