Be weird.

What is this dude! Why are you acting so weird? Don’t do such stupid things. Are you crazy? All these were coming into my mind when I saw that glowing box, red and green color wires were holding that bulb. I was curious to see inside. And when I decided to see, all those questions pop into my mind; “What is this dude! …”

Well you know what I did. And I clicked it too. So Yeah, I am weird. And it doesn’t matter to me what do you think; till I am happy, the way I am. You know I do a lot of strange stuff. I do laugh when no one’s around. I do that peculiar kind of dance steps, no one wants to see. I do crack the lamest jokes and laugh on them alone. Sometime I do make weird faces, mimicking the creepy sounds. And if you haven’t seen me doing these things, then you literally don’t know me yet. Maybe for you I am rude, arrogant type of person, Because that’s the way I like to present myself in front of others.
Enough of this let me tell you what happened today. It was my paper of B.M. I did study, but still I was nervous. Maybe kind of afraid. Yes I was. It feel like that I was forgetting every topic. Fear was all over the head. My girl talk to me, try to put some sense to me. It did help, but for a very little time. Then I plugged my earphone, keep the volume full, and dance like, I can’t say how. But I did this in last fifteen minutes, before my exam in my room. So if you are thinking it helped me in concentrating and remembering what I learned. No it just gave me confidence that no matter if I do fail today, then it’s okay to be. And in the end I will say I did my best.

Be weird be you.



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