The Turtle Won.

We all read and heard the story of the race of the turtle and the rabbit. Even being faster the rabbit lose the race from the turtle. And how’s that happen. We know. And you are going to say because the rabbit did sleep.


That’s what we are being told from our childhood. We all knew how the rabbit loose but we didn’t know how the turtle won. Knowing the fact that the rabbit is faster, turtle still didn’t give up. Just try to put yourself in the place of the turtle. So many reason comes to mind to give up. During the race it could come to mind, maybe the rabbit cross the finish line. Maybe everyone will be gone when I reach there. Everyone will make fun of me. I could lose. All the depressing thoughts could cover my mind. Thousand of reason to give up and one reason not to. Fear of losing, being teased by people and after losing their fake sympathy. You just can’t imagine what state of mind people goes through during this. We just know the turtle won because the rabbit sleep. What’s the difference? There is a big difference if you just see. When someone gets job or get selected in the army, or cleared some competitive exam, what do we say, He is lucky? He did take the coaching? And such other things. Now days so many students drop their years for Jee, Neet, all different competitive exams. If they get selected, we normally say, he did drop. If they don’t. We say he did drop and yet doesn’t get it. Don’t worry about what people are going to think and what are they going to say. You lose or win. Either way they will think or talk behind your back. And for others I want to day don’t judge anyone.

Stop blaming and start doing.

Everyone have a reason behind what they are? what they do? Try to think about the reason, try to put your feet in their shoes. Be humble, Be gentle. Let us begin to make this world as beautiful as it deserves. And remember how?

The Turtle Won.



4 responses to “The Turtle Won.”

  1. giveitathought Avatar

    Good vibes 👒

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    1. dark anki Avatar

      Thanks ♥️


  2. Cherryfying Avatar

    like alwys , a very good representation and a hidden meaning ofcourse.

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    1. dark anki Avatar

      Thanks ♥️♥️

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