तेरे बिन

तू जाने या न जाने,

पर जब दूर तुझ से होता हूँ,

अकसर उन्ही पलो को,

याद कर हंसता हूँ,

कि कैसे लड़ते है हम!

दूर भी होते हैं,

मन में ख्वाहिश लिए,

की बस खींच ले मुझे,

तू अपनी बाहों में,

और कहे,

कि तेरे बिन मेरा क्या!






4 responses to “तेरे बिन”

  1. John Avatar

    Can’t translate…


    1. saymber Avatar

      This is what Google translate gave me: You know or do not know,

      But when I am away from you,


      I laugh,

      How are we fighting?

      Are far away,

      Wishing in my heart

      Let’s just pull me,

      In your arms

      And say,

      That yours mine mine!

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  2. Brenton Avatar

    Did anyone catch the latest Donald Trump meltdown? Just search for “Donald Trump Antekhrist” and see the reality… How funny is it that the president himself is being caught his pants down about the group Antekhrist by the CIA https://antifa666.wordpress.com/2018/06/28/ariana-grande-is-racist/


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