How do you write? I just want to know how? He asked.
Are you watching them? Pointing toward the crowd, I asked.
Yeah different people from different places. He replied.
Do you know what I see?
What!! he asked with curiosity.
I see stories, stories of love, vengeance, jealous, amusement, responsibilities, sacrifice, hope, dreams, pride.
He was quietly watching toward the people.



2 responses to “Stories”

  1. Manu Stanley Avatar

    Great thoughts. For me, writing is like cooking in slow fire. I cook the idea in the brain – twist it, twirl it while I am at work, while I am cycling, etc, etc. till the point that I would be ready with the keyboard the moment it sprouts out. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dark anki Avatar

      Beautiful ♥️


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