Little Things

Happiness can be created, you just need to know what makes you happy.
You know what, it doesn’t demand having luxury life and cars.
It just required few moments which you have to give yourself.
In these moments do what you really love to do and see.
These little things gives us happiness that we can’t get anywhere.
Sanjay sir was making this block of ice. He travelled a lot. Maybe everytime he love to do this. He doesn’t care what others are going to think. He was so busy in making this that he doesn’t even know that I clicked him. The smile on his face makes me smile too. I had post this pic in my previous post.
You know the real fight is between you and you.
As I said earlier you are always surrounded with mirrors. You are afraid of yourself. And you fight with yourself. It’s always about you.



8 responses to “Little Things”

  1. Anna Vdo Avatar

    Nice post 😊

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  2. layangseta Avatar

    The true happyness is, when you give something to someone feel happy 😊

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    1. dark anki Avatar



  3. Nasuko Avatar

    It’s true.:D

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    1. dark anki Avatar

      Yup ♥️♥️

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  4. rpradhanblog Avatar

    Happiness is our choice.

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    1. dark anki Avatar

      Yes sir ♥️

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