You will

Stop chasing the destination, take your stand. Do what you love. Success will come to you and it will ask, what do you want?
Although journey is more beautiful then the destination. Cause every destination is the beginning of new journey.
It’s easy to say and hard to wait, to keep patience and keep going on the same path and having faith in yourself. I generally feel that at this very particular time when you start to feel that you should give up. Like I can’t take it any more. It’s depressing. Slowly you feel you are losing everyone. And you want to get rid of everything. This particular time I am talking about, Nature is watching that how much you really want it? Are you ready to risk everything, your everything for it. It’s testing your determination. And you know what happen when you don’t give up. You have it. And if are you asking about loosing people then I am gonna say, “Great journeys are traveled alone”.
You can’t get something until you loose something. As they say ‘Pain is Gain’. Although don’t worry you will find it good because there is one thing about people you love. No matter what you do, they never leave you alone. If they do, they don’t deserve you.

It’s me.

Sometime you are going to be mad, but you know what, you have to keep your shit together. Keep calm. Keep going. A lot of thoughts gonna come in your mind like what people will think about you? And such kind of other thoughts. You know some people don’t have enough time to think about you and pass their comment but some do. And I don’t want to open my mouth for them cause it’s what they do not me.
At last when you will get it, you will cry, you will realize what does it meant to earn it. You will respect it. And one thing for certain you will know what you have sacrificed?

I think that’s enough for today.


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6 responses to “You will”

  1. VintageRetroMan Avatar

    Amen brother! Very inspiring post. Thank you!

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    1. dark anki Avatar

      Welcome ❤️❤️


  2. pick1solution Avatar

    Nice perspective on “the self”, There is much to share, and we will read.

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    1. dark anki Avatar

      Thanks 🖤🖤


  3. Cherryfying Avatar

    i have nominated you for The Liebster Award 2018. Hope you is the link for infos-

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