Before You Drown

I felt that I was drowning in a deep sea. I was trying to come out, I was trying harder, but some one was pulling me down. It was hard to see inside the water, but I saw him, and you know what? it was me.
Awkward right! Yes it was another me. Or i can say some another person in my body, who wants me to sleep deep down on the layers of sea. “It’s beautiful down there”, he said inside me. He wants the comfort zone. “There is no such relief anywhere, as death ” He said.
For minutes I forget that I was drowning. I was thinking about what he said to me. He wanted me to give up and I was searching for one particular reason to don’t. So I could say to him I wouldn’t give up until I get this. And that particular time every wish I ever had vanished like clouds do after rain. “Why I am living this life?” “Why I wanna live?” For what? For degree? For my future? For me?

“Oh please we all know life takes more and give less” I said to myself.

Kareri lake, Dharamshala

And we should find something such that in “that less” we get something more. What it should be? I was finding the answer deep down in every corner of my brain. Then a question came to my mind, if I am going to die right now? What’s it going to be my last wish? As I should have done this or I should have it? After that I can die with satisfaction and peace. And you know what! there I got my answer. I tell that to (another)myself that I want this no matter what and he relieve my leg and all of sudden, I wake up.
You know whenever I find myself in worse situations of my life. I feel that I am in a dream, it’s all a dream, these all things are fake. They are trying to make me vulnerable.
So when I will wake these things are going to vanish. But I can’t wake up until the dream get completed. So I do things my way to pass through the situation, cause it’s my dream and I can do whatever I want too. And later I wake up with a smile on my face. That’s how I get through my tough times.
“Either it’s bad or good, time will pass but it’s you who makes it worthy.”

At last I want to say one thing, “Before you get drown find your reason to make it out”.


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9 responses to “Before You Drown”

  1. rudellenatashamay Avatar

    It’s a beautiful writing piece. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dark anki Avatar

      Thank you 🖤


  2. Selina Stambi Avatar
    Selina Stambi

    A sensible conclusion. Evidently the will to live prevailed, right?

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  3. Kaish Avatar

    So Inspiring!!
    Keep it up👍👍

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  4. Geary Erua Avatar
    Geary Erua

    At first I was like, “what is this about?”, but I found out it was about your comfort zone. That is so true, sometimes you feel like you’re dreaming when getting out of that ‘zone’ you’re in. Thank you so much for this intriguing article.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dark anki Avatar

      It’s my pleasure 🖤


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