The Fire, It matters

It was a long interval, last time I wrote about a month ago. I was not in mood to write. Sometimes what we do is play a single song on repeat mode, because the lyrics and musical flow help you in handling your pain and thoughts.
Once my sir told me a story of a Guru and his disciple. The Guru was well known for his discipline. No matter what the condition are, he follow his daily routine for sure.
The disciple found this thing fascinating. He make his mind to follow the footsteps of his guru.
So he starts to follow his Guru’s routine. But he couldn’t keep this thing in continuity. Sometime he skip some days, sometime he drop the whole plan and think to start again from beginning. And sometime because of lack of inspiration, he become stressful.
He was depressed and quite angry with himself. At last he decided to talk about it to Guru.
His Guru was noticing his daily routine. When the disciple asked, “How do they follow the routine every day?”
The Guru smiled and ask him to bought a candle. He lit it up and then peacefully asked his disciple to blow the air toward candle.
The disciple did the same and flame get extinguished.
The guru ask to do the same thing with fiery furnace, and as he repeat his action it catches more fire.
I am like furnace and you are like the candle. You get extinguished when you start to face the hurdles in following the daily routine, but each barrier makes me more strong to follow my routine.

Sanjay thakur (from the right)

Well with this story I am sharing an example of real life. A year ago two students of my institution went to shikari devi trek and they died there, because the weather come in its worst face. At the same time because of weather conditions, Sanjay Thakur, had shifted his plan to go there. But after that accident, each one, who was going with him, pull their legs back and cancel their plan of Shikari Devi.
“Some of students started to tease me, calling “shikari”, So I decided to went their without my friends.” He said
He was aware of thing that his two senior died there, still he went to trek with other people. It took a lot of courage, or you can say it was kind of madness. But he came back safely.
“We had only few oranges left, and not even the seed of orrange touched the ground.” He said, his face was calm.
“It was beautiful like heaven, and beautiful things come with dark mysteries and yes I was afraid. Being afraid keep you alive”. He said
No matter whatever kind of soul he is, he have a light on his face, and it’s peaceful.
“In last I want to say don’t be like candle be like furnace”, because,

the fire, it matters.


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    1. dark anki Avatar

      Thank you 🖤

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  1. giveitathought Avatar

    U are levelled up now 🙆

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    1. dark anki Avatar

      Thank you girl 🖤

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  2. […] Source: The Fire, It matters […]

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  3. righteousbruin9 Avatar

    This is a powerful analogy. The journey of a pilgrimage surely requires the wisdom of careful consideration, of all possibilities, in advance, even while making a leap of faith.

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    1. dark anki Avatar

      Yup 🔥🖤

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  4. sakisshi Avatar

    Nice view btw

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    1. dark anki Avatar

      Yeah it is. Btw thanks ❤️


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