Death Marked Love

Episode 10th, Sacrifice!

I woke up along her side, she was still sleeping. Calm and beautiful. I wanted to sleep more, live that beautiful dream once more. Where she was with me, walking with me, laughing with me. Where we were lost in each other’s arms, sleeping in our warmth, dreaming together about our life. I just want her to wakeup for once more, even if possible then just for few moments, so I could tell her that how much I love her.
My phone rang, it was of grany; I send her the adress of hospital.

“How’s she now?” Grany asked.
“She is gorgeous, quite, sleeping dreaming the world where we are together.” I said.
“What did doctor said” she asked.
“They don’t know that if she ever gonna wake up” I replied and tear rolled out from my eyes. Grany tried to console me.
“Is it my fault?” I asked her “you said once that my love is death marked” , “Am I cursed?”.
“It’s not your fault, my child” she said and hugged me. For the first time in my life I cried in her arms.
“You have to tell me everything, How my parents died? Why I am cursed? Why this happening to me?” I asked sobbingly.
“Sssshh!! I will tell you everything, stop crying..!” She said.
I was quiet.
“This all is happening because of one reason my son, only one reason.” She said.
“What’s that” I asked with curiosity.
“Sacrifice..! Sacrifice for love by your mother” she said.

To be continue


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4 responses to “Death Marked Love”

  1. Veorren Avatar

    Heart wrenching

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    1. dark anki Avatar

      Thank you 🖤


  2. praty7 Avatar

    So simple yet so riveting

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