She is sleeping.

10 thoughts on “She is sleeping.”

  1. I couldn’t control my tears the whole description is live in front of my eyes I could feel the pain as you did.
    I miss my those 2 – 3 days with Maggie I had enjoyed and loved her.
    R.I.P Maggie 😢😢

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  2. Lovingly, honestly and powerfully written! Your words convey what I’m sure many folks go through – watching their close loved one die. Although I am a Christian, believing that there is life after death … still … the pain, agony, confusion and horror of death and dying of multitudes of people throughout history – many at the hands of mankind .. is no great comfort to me. However, you and I still briefly occupy our bodies in this wonderous world where at the same time people are dying, babies are being born. Somehow I have to trust that God the Creator will ultimately bring all pain, suffering and death to an end. And I believe that God through the crucifixion of Christ has also experienced the deep depth of pain and suffering at the hands of his own created beings. Our only real hope and even joy is to somehow continually experience God’s love, grace and mercy and then let it flow out into the lives of others.

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