Death-Marked. Love

Episode 6th, What about her ‘Plan’..?

In the end, I get to know one thing about love, that it’s complicated. We came back to city, “what’s your plan” I asked.

“Let me drive” she replied and smiled. Her suspensive smile was killing me. Now on the other seat, I was thinking about her site. I was checking the status of road, but each judgement went in vain. My curiousity for climax is at maximum stage. Suddenly i felt that she was driving on same road again, “We had crossed this road earlier,” I asked. 

” yeah twice,” she replied.

“why are you doing this?” I asked

“So firstly you stop thinking about where we are going?” she said. 

I was shocked it was just an illusion. I just stop thinking about it and asked her directly, “Can you please tell me, where we are going?? what is your plan?” She smiled. 

“please” I said again.

She smiled and said  “I didn’t planned anything yet”. 

I was surprised, I was thinking about her site, making guess, observations, calculation all gone wasted. “I am going to win the bet” I said 

“Let’s see” she replied and smiled. I was confused. Is she lied about her plan?

(Its all about become child once again.)
 She pull the car aside. We brought chocolates. She take me to slum area. My feet didn’t want to walk forward. “seriously” I stop her and said. She hold my hand and take me inside, that was awesome feeling. We distribute chocolates to all children. The small kids were all around her. Slowly they came toward me, lay me down, start to tickle. She noticed that I get angry, so she too joined them. And they make me laugh so much. I start to play with them. We were making fun of each other. I was feeling like, I am in love with her.

To be continue       

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