Death-Marked Love

Episode 5. Love is complicated.

So I have decided not even to look at her. We made pasta and it was good in taste. In morning when I wake up she wasn’t there. I searched here and there, her phone was in car. I just can’t explain what hapened to me. I was feeling numb. I was checking everywhere, as I do saw her, I ran toward her, hug her tightly, “Where were you?” I asked.

She saw me surprisingly, and said “Why were you shouting so loudly?”

I was shocked that she knew I was searching her, ” why didn’t you reply?” I asked angrily. 

“I was busy” she replied and ignored me. I get angry I hold her arm, pull her toward me, and said, “Here I was feeling died without you and you are saying you were just busy”. She pull out her arm and said “So what do you want, I had to say, hey come here, I am doing something personal, come and join me. I was listening to you, but how could I answer”

(Thinking about her.)
I was just quiet. We were getting back to city. We both were quiet, ignoring each other and angry li’l bit. Suddenly word came to mind, and I laughed a little. She stare at me interrogatively. “Personal thing” I replied, and laughed. She too started to laugh. Few moments later she started to mimicry that how I was searching her. It quite touched to my heart, “For few moments I just think I lost you.” I said to her. 

“So are you afraid of losing me.. why?” she asked. Her eyes want me to confess that I love her. How could I say that I love you more then anyone else. “If I lose you, police will take me”.I said instead. And laughed. 

We were so much happy. Maybe she get doubt on me that I love her. We were quiet for moments.

“Why were you ignoring me last night” she asked again. She had noticed that. I was quiet, she was gazing me with eyes of curiosity. “You taunted me to staring at you, that’s why…?” I said and She laughed. 

“Seriously… you are so sweet..” and she added “well I didn’t mean that you stop looking at me” and smiled. I was confused. One way she didn’t like that I was looking at her and another way she dont want that I should stop looking at her. Love is more complicated then my expectation.    To be continue.

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