Death Marked Love

Episode 1. She will Come tomorrow again!!

I fell in love at that time: I never imagined. As usual, I was waiting for my Cab, and I do share my cab with a fatty man and the other guy. And the second guy, he ain’t normal; little mad. Once a black cat crossed the road, he convinced the driver to stop the car, and reason behind it was just awkward, his blind beliefs, I really hated that.

Death Marked Love

But that day when I entered the cab, a beautiful girl was sitting behind, so I sat in front seat, with driver. I look at her, high attitude type girl. Although I am smart, but till she was ignoring me. This seemed to be new mission impossible. I was admiring her in mirror, she was well dressed like an office girl, her eyes were so cute and she was looking confident. I noticed, she was uncomfortable to sit with this fatty guy, Dheeraj. I was feeling her pain more than she actually had, so an idea came in my mind, “mongoose” I shout quickly. “I didn’t noticed any”, driver said and saw toward me doubtfully. But the second guy, Rajneesh clearly instruct the driver to stop the car. He went out, and asked about the imaginary line mongoose had passed. “I ain’t pretty sure”, I said. He saw me with such eyes that I had done a crime. He picked a stone and throw it, crossing the imaginary line. “You should sit on front”, I insisted, “maybe you will notice properly”, he get agreed. For the very first time, I felt good because of his belief, but these people can be manipulated easliy. I cleverly entered the back seat of cab from girl’s side, she stepped out. And I sat in middle, now the left journey felt like going to heaven. My wings were flying in her perfume, and my thoughts get mixed in her hair. It made me feel alive again. I was somewhat unconscious at that time. Suddenly cab driver stop the car and asked her. She left the cab, my eyes were staring at her continuously until she get vanished from my eyes. But a single thought was crossing my mind again and again, she will come tomorrow again”.

To be continue

2nd episode

3rd episode

4th episode

5th episode

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7th episode

8th episode


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  1. back_blacker Avatar

    nyc bhau…bs jldi bananna agla ep.

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    1. dark anki Avatar

      Next Sunday brdr 😊😊


  2. Death Marked Love. – dark_anki Avatar

    […] Previous episode […]


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