Do You Know..?

Do You Know Yourself ? As once I heard, We only know one person the best, in our life. And he is the same person whom you see in mirror. But still I have doubt on myself from the day I am observing the unexpected me or you can say the change came in me because of harsh situations. And I observe we don’t know ourself So the question is,

Do You Know ?

My evergreen face.

From the beginning we are trying to impress everyone else. (must read, poem writen by me Impressing/Expressing.)  So we can get some respect or dignity in eyes of others, that they will appreciate you, and for this we always trying to impress them, running for them and at last what we got ignorance, and we get through heart break, and we receive two precious gift,

  • Guilt : For what, that I didn’t do, which I couldnt, which is not in my interest too.
  • Depression : why I can’t do the thing which I don’t wanna in reality.

This is ironical part, we are feeling sorry for that thing which we didn’t want in reality but if you wanna stop me and say that you want it. That it lies in your interest , then I am gonna say one thing,

Who is stopping you. Go and Get it, Don’t Give Up.

So again back on our way, what I was saying that we don’t know ourself completely, we always trying to find the hard solution for our problems. (read my blog The Girl With Umbrella) We just need to be quiet and keep little patience and we will get simple solutions. But sometimes we are running behind the questions. (mainly spiritual and related to life.) Solution of these question come on there own time. (To know more read my blog Running For Train.)

Running for train.

How to know ourself..?

Maybe this question is coming to your mind right now, if not then think because, this is the most relevant question of this blog, let me narrate you a story, (it’s my style).
Once there was two boy Ram And Shyam, both were learning swimming. Few months passed but still they weren’t good in it. So Ram did the introspection that why he ain’t good at swimming. Next day he went to pool. He knew his limits, but still took the risk and jumped in deep part of pool. It was hard for him, he was gasping, and it seem like he was drowning but he didn’t give up, and at last he start to swim correctly. Shyam was noticing Ram, he was astonished with this scene, so he curiously he asked Ram, “How did you do that?” Ram replied, only three steps are required and you will get anonymous and surpriseful strength in yourself. Shyam was listening very carefully,

  • Introspection
  • Go beyond limits
  • Backup plan

Shyam go through same plan, but he couldn’t make it. He was wondering, why so..! . He was feeling guilt and depressed and Ram felt the situation so he went to Shyam and asked him a question, “What was Your backup plan ?”

“At my give up of trying, I told the guy to pull me back aside.” Shyam replied in sad tone.

“Do you Wanna know what was mine…?” Ram asked. Shyam was staring with curiousity..

“If I would have drown, the guy was meant to pull me back” Ram replied with smile.

Shyam get understand where, he lack in his plan.

The Girl With Umbrella

Here it was the end of story. Hope you guys get the message from the story. But for those who didn’t get, I will explain you the points.


Know yourself. You can do it by safely testing yourself again and again and then introspect that where, you lack. Where you need to improve.

Go Beyond Limits


As from introspection, You know your limits so it’s time to go beyond your limit. Yes it’s about to take the risk, and test yourself, where you exist, what you learned and what you need to be. There are more possibilities that you may get fail in this, but remember,

Failures are the stairs of success.

And don’t bother about what others thinks. As you are better as compare to those who didn’t tried. And took the risk as Do or Die.

Backup plan


‘Do Or Die’ the famous lines I heard, yes its right that either Do or Die. It doesn’t meant if you couldn’t, then suicide. According to me this mean either do, or nearly die for it. Remind the story of Ram and Shyam, In Ram’s backup plan, he knew the guy wouldn’t save him, till he drown. So he had no choice. He used fear against fear. (fear of dying against fear of water.). But in case of Shyam he knew he have choice to give up, that’s why he couldn’t succeed. All I want to say is that choose your backup plan when, you didn’t have other option except to die nearly.

Try these steps and you will receive anonymous strength and unexpected changes in you, because maybe you don’t know yourself yet. Let me ask once again.


Do you know..?


Thank you for reading this hope you guys enjoy and learn from this blog.



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