Yes It’s Me.

Yes I laugh,

I cry,

I do fun,

I am social,

I have friends,

I do crazy things,

Now for you, I am okay,

But for me, I am not,

Deep down in my heart,

I know, I am alone,

Scraping the dark,

In unending black tunnel,

Searching for what…,

Maybe Light,

Craving love,

Defining myself,

No none of above…

I am avoiding,

Running from something,

From that particular truth,

That ‘I Am Alone’..

Clicked by me.

Yes I was, I am,

And maybe I will,

And this doubt of ‘maybe’,

It’s eating me, If there’s no one,

If there’s someone how will I know,

This Expectation of someone,

Killing me deep inside,

Because one thing I know for sure,

Expectations meant to be died,

Sooner or later,

Yes I know enjoy the moment,

I do, as I said,

I laugh, I cry, I do fun,

But yes I am waiting for you,

To be a part of me, for long,

And this long will never end.


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