I Know Who Am I..!

I don’t know,

I am confused,

What is happening,

Is it love..!

When I couldn’t see you, 

My eyes were searching you,

When I could see you,

My eyes try to give a ignore to you,

I wanna be with you,

Then why I am trying to avoid you,

Maybe I wanna approach you,

With a different attitude toward you,

Why I can’t talk to you, 

Maybe my eyes will tell you,

That they are filled with only you,

I wanna smile with you,

I wanna cry with you,

I wanna share my emotions with you,

I wanna share everything with you,

Like how I saw you, what I did for you,

What I percieved, for your part of story,

From my side, and to know what it really was,

May be I am afraid that I will lose you,

As we don’t care for one who care for us,

May be you will prove it wrong,

Maybe it will ‘we’ instead of only you.

Clicked by me.

I don’t know,

I am confused,

What to say..!

When I am in front of you,

My lips were saying different,

And my heart is saying something opposite,

“Who care for you” I said

But I do a lot, it’s only you,

Whom I care,

But I am hiding my feelings from a long,

Because I know who am I,

Maybe you will never know,

But if you ever get time,

Ask my pen, It writes only for you,

Ask the ink, it’s emotion I get from you,

Ask my tears they come out for you,

Ask my heart it beats only for you,

You know no one can love you,

As much I do,

If I can love your image holding In,

My heart, then how much it could be for real you,

But I know my self and you don’t have time,

For me, for my emotions, for my love,

It will remain 






And Un… And Un….

To you for me.

As I can’t ask you,

And you can’t feel, as I does.

Maybe It going to end like this,


I Know Who Am I..!

(Feelings of one sided lover.)


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5 responses to “I Know Who Am I..!”

  1. Philip Ruskins Avatar

    This is a very enlightening article. Thanks fro sharing.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Philip Ruskins Avatar

        Thank you too Sir. Self knowledge is the highest human endeavor.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. RupalJain Avatar

    Well written. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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