Rape: It will Purify You..!

As you read the title, maybe you are little confuse that what he is trying to say..? Can rape purify someone? How it could be possible? As in hinduism women only meant to be of her husband, either he is good at sex, or he is impotent. Is he satisfying her? That doesn’t matter for us. Oh…! What I am saying? As Satisfaction/sex/women are you thinking this way, then change you mindset, don’t bother me.

Art by mansi singh.
Well today I am not gonna talk about it, I am talking about something new and different. It is about ‘Faith’.

And what do you think? Can Rape purify someone, when there is no mutual acceptance, when someone is going to offensively hard on someone without caring that other person wanted it or not…! Congratulations !!! you are pure now..!

Well there is difference between faith and blind faith, faith is something when you will think twice before believe in it or act on it. And in blind faith it’s like, someone said do this thing; and you have no other option; then ‘Yes Sir’. Although your heart is saying it’s not good, but your mind was trained to do so. There are so many cases of blind faith across India, such as:

  • According to Godman Asaram Bapu: ‘Don’t have sex during amavasya, purnima, shivratri or holi, because child conceived on this days will be born handicapped.
  • According to Godman Third eye of Nirmal Baba: eat samosa(indian fast-food) with chilli sauce, and everything will be fine.
  • According to some so called baba; ‘sex is like sadhna, and women who have it with their guru: lead them to heaven.’

Religious faith. Gasota mahadeva temple.
It’s not about baba only, although people in india were included in their own blind faiths.

  • In rajasthan, till now rituals of child marriage take place, as they believed that girls should be married before their purity ends; before mensuration. (Like after this, they are no more pure as earlier.)
  • In East India widows are burned alive in funeral of their dead husband, as it lead them to heaven.
  • In muslim religion, if you said ‘talaq’ (divorce) word three times then you are divorced. (But fortunately, On 22 August 2017, the Indian Supreme Court deemed instant triple talaq unconstitutional.)
  • In some of places, especially in villages girls have to marry dogs, before marrying the prince of their dreams, cause these girls possessed ill-luck. And thus village elders believe that her evil spell will be passed on to the dog, if they were married to dog first. (Only girls carry bad luck, boys don’t??)

Worship of particular tree are deemed as black magic.
Revolution for education first occurred in France in 17th century, known as ‘The French Revolution’, agenda was, ‘education to all’. So people will become aware of ‘bad or good’ and ‘right or wrong’. And here we are, in twenty first century still learning about these things.

And that thing which touched my heart, and I felt that we are living in world of dumbass. As a sadhvi of rape convicted Baba Ram Rahim, claimed “Rape was justified because it would purify her“.

She meant that if Nirbhaya, gudia or many other girls were raped by these so called “Baba’s” then they should have become pure. Or what if all those rape convictors call themselves baba, Godman, or messenger of god!!. Seriously..! this what you think..! Then you should send these cheap person to brothels, so every women who used to work their can become pure. (Even they too don’t need to.)

Riots took place for rape convicted baba ram rahim. (Source Internet).
And riots took place, as we indians have unity in our blood, but in favour of rape convicted. How can we become such shameless personalities. And if you are such blind faith guy, then what happen when your guru had told that, “ I believe in law and constitution” and insisted his so called ‘premi‘, to maintain the peace, that time what happen to their faith. It was a awful or disgusting moment for we indians that we were the part of such things.
“Knowledge doesn’t meant so that you can get degree, get “Dr.” Before your name, it meant to be  so that we should differentiate between right or wrong and good and bad.

Beware of these things, cause we all are human. 

Education: so you should know what is good for you.


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