‘Network Problem’

We all have our issues related to network problem, and first thing comes in mind is mobile network, it can be company network issues etc. Well today I am gonna tell you about my issue with Network Problem. For your comfort, I divided the whole day in IV Phases, and at last conclusion, go through each phase slowly, although it’s too long, take your time, and do read complete, it’s my humble request for you people and share it with others. And find out what was My Network Issue, where the real problem lies.          

“Phase I”

It was a morning, I was waiting for my uncle, so that we could go to tehsil, as he has some approach there, and thus I could print out my certificate on time, although my name was first on list, but still I need someone; why..? You will get it soon. As I required a certificate, so I can get fee concession in my new institution. 

(clicked by me.)
I was waiting for him, he was late: busy somewhere in his own work, I called him two or three times, asked him where he was? Each time only one answer came; “I am coming soon”

It made me sick, I was feeling that, I ain’t gonna get my certificate today, or maybe if I get it, then its sure, I will be late for admission, and again it would postponed to tomorrow.

Then after a long Interval he appeared, we were going to our tehsil, on my way, I saw something was written on back of truck, 

“Mother’s debt can’t be paid in one single life.”

I ponder over it. Then I reached there, I was in rush to get my certificate. It was unusual, person working on computer, was sitting in ease. I asked him about my certificate, and he replied;

(That place.)
“There is ‘Network Problem’ today, so we can’t print out your certificate.” He was just a clerk who operates computer work, and print the certificates, but his attitude was no less than: Donald Trumph. 

And his coworker too, who just have work to, stamp the papers.

I got shocked, and I felt that it ain’t gonna work today, but then his coworker replied: “Network will come soon, engineer was checking from last evening, unfortunately there was an accident, so it disturbed the whole LAN connection”. It give me a hope, that, I didn’t want, so deep down I knew. 

Well I came out, and sit to the next bench, pick out my headphones, and start listening music. I was waiting there and thinking, which I love most. 

“Phase II”

After few hours It was boredom all around, remove my headphone, start to roam, place was good, I started to click photos, suddenly there arrived: rally of student’s party (not going to mention the name), it was for Gudia Case, held in shimla,

“गुड़िया हम शर्मिंदा हैं, तेरे कातिल जिंदा हैं”  (Gudia we are ashamed that your killer are still alive.)

(Party speech.)

Some students were obsessed.

some (girls) are hiding Their face from harsh sunlight, some are laughing: quietly. But you know it was a great honour, that they were bunking their classes for this rally for just to Gudia. “What an honour…!” For such a shame: who just want to show off. A man was standing along me, said: “what is profit of this rally, the thing that should be done, was to take adequate step to stop: rape; occurred now what the fuck this rally can do..”  Firstly I was amazed, how could he, say that, but I felt, his words, ain’t completely wrong, we people care about things, when they slipped from our hands, so he wasn’t completely insane; but still we should show our sentiments and sympathy for that girl who is no more with us, (for that read my poem: मैं कोटखाई की गुड़िया,।). And in the list of adequate steps: first step should be “Change your cheap mentality.” May be that will be enoug ; we all are homosapiens, if you are wealthy, if you are dominant, it doesn’t meant that;

‘you are superior, and you can do whatever you want.’

And from my personal experience,

more is the power, more you have to bow: for balance.

After this long, last I heard; that CBI take over her Case, and no information come in media after then, no student is going for rally, no one is discussing about her, like she never existed, like it was an fictional story, to making people sentimental fool for few moments, so riots could took place,

Everyone, Everywhere, it’s just buisness, although it’s meaning differ person to person 

I visit again to that room, the clerk was sitting relaxed, staring at the screen, which was reflecting him. 

(Checking lan connection.

“Phase III”  

 Suddenly I remember I didn’t pee: still morning, and now it was on; pressure high. I was wandering here and there, but didn’t got any clue, at last I asked someone, ‘where is toilet?’ he point out a particular direction, but there was no specific room; although smell of that place was giving me hint, that it is near by. I checked in each direction, and it was no where, no particular toilet. That time I felt, it was like, who give a damn fuck about, ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’.  And what about ladies? Seriously that day I came to know why people don’t want to stay here long, why they were in hurry for their work. As My Brother in law (jiju) C.A. Manjeet Sharma, was saying once; “We are living in such a developing country, where we have to advertise on T.V. to guide people to use toilet, instead of doing their shit in open freely”. I can’t guess how it feel to be in open, in cool breeze.

“ठंडी ठंडी हवा चल रही हो,

लम्बी लम्बी झाड़, हर तरफ हरियाली हो,

नाक कपड़े से बंद रखी हो,

आंखें जमीन पे गाड़े, हम फैला कर बैठे हों।”

Wow…! Is that a awesome feeling? So why you are doing this? If you are..!

Till now, you were curious about the certificate, well I didn’t get it; that day. Next morning; A private advocate: was making stairs using: shovel. It was the same place, where I was directed to pee. On asking he said, “that people often pee from here, and my small office is closer to this place, and this awful smell, distract people from his office, and affecting his buisness and he couldn’t revolt with people, so he was doing what he can: making stairs so that people should went down, to make themself comfortable. Well he took initiative for this, but It was due to his buisness only; anothervise who cares! 

(Advocate making stairs with shovel.)

“Phase IV” (back to previous day)

Few hours later, I went back to interrogate about Network, but it was still missing, I was starving, thus I went to small hotel, it was a ‘dhaba’, I ate my lunch, owner here, is good in cooking, and I came to know that he earn, upto, ₹1000 per day, from his dhaba. As he haven’t any competitior.

(Dhaba where i ate my lunch.)
 I check out again clerk was sitting there  examining, but ‘Network’: missing. Suddenly I asked the, advocate about, someother papers and he started to work on someother stuff, of mine, now this person had typewriter and he was so quick with it. And I found out, why “Old Is Gold“. But for that certificate, I have to wait for network.

It was evening, and I was still sitting there, finding network everywhere, but didn’t get it anywhere, only half n hour was left, after then place was going to shut-off. I saw that boy standing apart, he was my companion from morning, an another friend who too searching for network; Oh sorry..! waiting for network to come. He smiled at me, I smiled back, his eyes get tired, and he came to me, and say, ” I am leaving now, And I got company who will took me to the near bus stand.” His voice too was impatient. 

Now I was alone there, searching for network, one thing about me,

I Never Give Up Till The Last Hope

I saw him disappearing, suddenly I heard, ‘Network Is Back’.  Still twenty minutes were left for closing. I went to room, no one was there, I go through the conputer, yes he was back, my eyes filled with joy, after all I got it, I remember of that boy, he was nice to me, I ran from there, without thinking twice, I saw him, shout loudly: “oye..! Network is back”. He too was glad, we ran back, and the clerk just arrived there, he checked the computer, and then saw us in a way, like we had done a crime, “Sir please..!” we did request him. 

“No .. no.. no.., now tomorrow, at 9 a.m.” he said and gave his excuse: it takes 10-15 min. per certificate, and at 5 p.m. Connection will disconnected from main server, and may be we wouldn’t get your complete certificate.” Now who can take risk for own certificate, but I was still in doubt, that he was lying, he packed his bag and left the office five minutes early, the boy saw toward me, And said nothing. 

(Outerview of building.)
And Irony was that; next day I came to know that once a person managed to print out his certificate even after 5 p.m. from the same Clerk.

Next mornin, he didn’t came on time and then he waste our half n hour showing off, about his position. And when he start to print out, my certificate by log-in himself on the server: it made me laugh, because all this thing took even less then two minutes. But I didn’t have time to argue with him, so as soon I get my certificate I left that place.


We all including me, are the part of this system, even you can say we are the system.  

And we dont care about others, we are this much selfish, that we were just concerned about our own selfishness. And I was wrong; 

“That there ain’t any problem in  network, the real problem lies (in us), in The System.”

Raise your hand first, it’s your obligation because it’s your country.  


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  1. Ujala Avatar

    Big accomplishments begin with small steps. To bring a change, BE THE CHANGE.
    Another expected yet wonderful piece!

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