Be With Me

No I don’t,

I don’t love you,

In this materialistic world,

Of yours.

Yeah I do,

I love you,

In the aesthetic world,

Made by me.
For You and Me.
I wanna love you,

But l can’t afford.
I wanna tell you,

But afraid that,

you will board and left,

Me, In that long train,

Nothing which has, except pain.

How long I can hold,

Your memories filled with gold,

That best therapy I ever got,

When I talk to you, although a lot.

But my night are sleepless now,

As I decided, for feelings, not to bow.
Here I am craving, for you,

Embraces the pain, for me.
Whatever way you see,

I had have only one vision,
For You and Me,

Come hold my hand let’s flee,
I am afraid that I fall for you,

No Not because it’s You,

It is because of me.
Cause I fall,
For You And Me.
But you ain’t here,

To hold my Hand and ‘Be With Me’.






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