Running For Train

I was sitting on a bench in park, totaly messed up, angry, and confused too. How dare she? I was talking to myself.

She said I am not mature yet, who is she to judge me? How can she? Is she mature enough? By saying those little mature talk, one can be called mature, by knowing those creepy things, they felt they are superior and we ain’t mature enough to listen their talk. 

“Well who wanna listen those badass, yeah they are.. ” and suddenly I saw an old man sitting near to me, and he was listening me quietly, “oh .. I .. I am sorry sir, I didn’t knew you were here.”, I pardon because I don’t like to be rubbish in front of elder one, I like my profile to be clean and neat.

“Well are you listening me sir, I mean whatever I was saying this long??” I asked in interrogating way.

“Yeah I was listening to you, since you came here.” He chuckles 

“What..!” I asked 

“You are confused my son, and yeah you are not mature right now, ” he said

It made me angry first, but I kept quiet, and asked very calmly, “why do you think so?”

“Why you want to be mature right now?” He asked and smile quietly.

I took a long breathe, “well my friend, think I am not mature enough, I talk like child, I am not grown up yet, so that’s why I was sad.” I said

“Is it your friend is a girl?” He asked and smiling. It’s irritating me.

“Yeah, she is a girl, and to be honest she is my crush.” I said. I was watching down toward my feet, I was feeling something like guilty.

“Ohh..! Well she too ain’t mature enough, she just trying to act like that she is mature, and that’s not good,” he said

“Yeah..! I knew it, I knew it.. , but why she is doing so? ” I asked, it made me quite sad.

“We all trying to impress others instead of expressing yourself, our own true self, and we are so busy doing this, that we lost ourself.” He said

I was quiet, and quite interested to know more, “Can you tell me more, where did you learn all these mature things, talk, can you teach me.” 

“There is no profit in teaching these things to you, you can’t understand, see here I was telling you about impressing or expressing, and here again you wanna know things, so that you can impress your crush.” He said.

“What I can do then, I like her, if she want me to be mature, I have to.”  I said, my voice is heavy filled, with emotions. 

“Hey son, listen I am gonna tell you a story listen carefully and try to understand this.” He said. I nodded my face in yes, although I wasn’t in mood to listen.

“Once there was a guy, he was in very hurry, sitting in cab, he was abusing and scolding the cab driver to be fast, although driver is trying to reach as soon as possible and as fast as he can, but still the guy, was saying so much bad things, like why are you stopping at lights, why stopping at pedestrian, why that car is going forward, why we were lagging behind, and he was abusing everyone so badly, 

At last when, he reached the railway station, he quickly give money, to driver and ran away, toward his stop, and then he wait for his train, at least fifteen minutes. ” He stopped and smile.

“Well the guy was totally insane, I mean what the fuck he was doing, at last he had to wait for fifteen minutes, so why he was so abusing and behaving badly, with cab driver, he was seriously out of my mind, a psychopath, what a story is this, ” I said angrily, I felt that he was wasting my time.

“So tell me, what’s the moral of story,” he asked, smiling at me.

“Well I think it’s worst story I ever had listen.” I said angrily.

“Maybe worst but deep.” He said with that irritating smile.

I saw toward him in interrogating way.

“Well no matter, how fast you run, what you did, how much people you hurt, but the train will come on its own time.” He said.

This time was quite serious, “Hey man, I respect you because you are old man, and you listen to me, but don’t try to mess with me.” I was leaving that place and suddenly he said.

“Ankit, you are the guy, running for train and train for you is matureness, no matter, how long you run, and keep trying for it. Train will come on its own time, as scheduled.” He said and chuckled.

I was quite shocked, I went back and sit again there.

“What do you think about matureness ? You know what, It’s just understanding, to understand things, to understand people, to understand and implying is called matureness. You have to give up on things, emotions, choices for others, because you are old enough to understand, if you ain’t mature, then you maybe stubborn like kid, there is no more difference. Understanding that something is not in our control is matureness, give up on things, when you know you ain’t required them much. Trust me sometime I want to be like immature, like I don’t care, I don’t wanna give up on things, I want that people came and tell me, scold me to do things, but no one is now, because they said, now you are mature enough now, you can understand so why holding back, just let things go.

You know what..!, immature will become mature when time came, but mature can’t be like immature, you should have proud on yourself, that you are pure, you don’t know the evil face of this world,

because once you stepped inside, there is no going back. 

Proud to be what you are. We do things the way, so people found it good, instead of our comfort. We always care about what others will think. Let them waste there life thinking about you, be you..! It’s important thing in life. 

I spend my whole life, according to others view, that they think I am good and respected personality, no matter how good you are, there will person, who will hate you for no reason at all. 

Live your life as you want to. Just don’t give a shit about what other people think about you! You should respect yourself, because it’s you, not anyone else. Understand what you are.

 You know who is most important person in your life.., it’s you. 

I was just quiet, I was only in myself deep down in my thoughts. He left the bench.

Next day, I went there again, he wasn’t there, and from that day ownward I never saw him again. That day I learned,

We all are, “Running For Train” although for each one train meant to be something different. 


It was a fictional story, written by #im_ankit Hope you enjoy it, and know the lesson I want to share with you. Please share your views about it.




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7 responses to “Running For Train”

  1. Ujala Avatar

    It was a fiction. But the most absolute cristal clear reality of life,we all are missing aor denying. You are made up of your thoughts, and never let others mess with your thoughts, your identity.
    Very well written, just hitting it right man! Keep going. Best wishes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dark_anki Avatar

      Thanks yr 😃😃

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Do You Know..? – dark_anki Avatar

    […] From the beginning we are trying to impress everyone else. (must read, poem writen by me Impressing/Expressing.) […]


  3. msblank Avatar

    Your article is very good. Its reflected very well how is our life made. The maturity is something that we cant measure through the number of age/gender/seniority. We are the man who running for the train after all.

    Btw, thank you for the thoughtful fiction. I wish I can write like you do. A writer who can possessed their reader.

    Keep writing amazing story!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dark anki Avatar

      Thank you… 🖤 your words means a lot


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