Let Pass The Flow.

“Let Pass The Flow…”

Well it was the message for me, from Sir Onkar K Khullar popularly known as Digital Gandhi, I met him earlier in IIT Delhi in (YIC) Young india Challenge, organised by Human Circle

It was an honor to meet him, and fortunately I hugged him, I felt that he was quite a human, earlier he was something unique and different for me. 

A journey of a simple person who did dropout three times from three different college.

When I was down, I felt no respect for myself, like everything I ever did was mistake for me that time, and then I met a person Abhinav Jamwal, he let me felt, that world is more dark, more then I felt it was. Everytime we felt, we had seen so many things, felt so much pain, and nothing more can hurt us, but In actual there is something more worst and dark comparison to what we had seen, and more pain is waiting for you from different direction, they will come suddenly and make you feel that you are alive.

Yeah, you hold my hand,

Take me to the door’s end,

Door of the room, full of dark,

And you took me out, let me spark.

Thanks to be in my life. One must felt pain, cause it make you strong. I rise again, once again. Then I meet few more guys, The Introvert Boy, Kushdeep Singh, he wrote once thank you @dark_anki to inspirate me that was his first poem “Cartoon“. I saw him, going great and his work make me inspirate, that was a proud time for me. He passed his childhood in fear about people what they will think, what they will say.

‘I remember once I was writing something, my elder sister came and said, “Do something good, study well, why wasting your time behind these”. That day I kept quiet and just smile. And just waiting for my turn, when I will prove that I am doing something worthy.’

There were days,

When I felt alive,

When I felt myself,

When I felt love,

When I know what it to be,

One true self, to be I,

There were days..

Then I saw, people saw writers as they were just wasting there time, or they are called as onside lovers, or bullied by their own friends so they afraid to show it to anyone else.

‘Even once I had written a diary, it have some personal moments of me and my crush, like 

How it felt,

When she was around me,

When she smile to me,

When she talk to me,

How she made me a bee,

Who always fly around flower,

And what it meant to be.

That diary once took by my friends as I lived in hostel, and till now I remember how they are saying the same dialogue I had written in my diary, and how it make me feel, that day I burned my diary, and trashed it, and from that day ownward I never write personal things on any diary, and about friends, no matter what they did, they were friends that day I learned.’

  • No one care for your feelings, you have to be strong for it.

Like such cases we writers had gone through, we didn’t get inspiration to write, and doing something new thats why I make the group evolu_tion, where one writer can inspirate other one, and can help other to improve, later it start for every talent or art, you have. Yeah right now it’s like a halt to this, but sooner I will back on that one.

Yeah it’s all about passing the energy of inspiration to do something new, to do go for your passion just pass it carefully, hand over it to another one, cause it’s the proudest moment when you will see the person on top, whom you inspirate once, cause we all required this. And go on inspirate others too, it’s because of you guys world is going to be something better. 

Pass the flow,

Let others glow,

It’s felt like snow,

When will fall, on you,

Will take back all your sorrow,

And make you alive once more,

And make it you once more.

 from Onkar sir to me.

Love to have it sir. 

And once I was talking to my friend Pulkit chandel

“attatchment leads to expectations… if those were not fulfilled…

then ready for sufferring….. And that inevitable pain 😂😂”  he said, 

‘And you know what, the ironic part is, we need attachment to divert the pain and suffering.’ I replied.

Live the moment where you are, enjoy it to the fullest, cause,

  • There was a time when I felt nothing is fine, and now I feel those days were perfect.

Don’t do regret just live it, feel it and let Pass the Flow,

  •  As it was neither created nor destroyed it just passed from one to another. 


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