Still falling for you..!

She slipped from my hand,

Slowly Similar likely as sand,

I just watched her going,

May be it’s the right thing,

I did, to let her be happy,

Wherever she felt to be,

Surely she will meet so many,

But none of them will like me,

Coz I love her from depth of my heart,

Now I am letting her go, although it hurt,

I saw, she have people who care for her,

Yeah it’s true, I am alone but no fear,

This inevitable pain, and memories,

Forgetting these, not going at ease,

One day i will left you, surely I will,

It ain’t going happen, till last breathe,

Scent in air that I exhale or inhale,

If not yours, seriously made me pale,

Never imagine my life without you,
Here i am, still craving for you,

Although we were years earlier,

Now I am not me, that’s purely clear,

Your silly talks, still make me smile,

Whatever I ate, still i do left a pie,

How silly I was to let you go,

I am you, now I came to know,

Your existence, source of my inspiration,

When you left, only me with complictaion,

You didn’t bother to ask what happen,

Each second, waiting for your action,

I should have hug you tight,

No matter how much did you fight,

Although how much we love each other,

Separation was required, reason whatever,

Now just regreting for me and you,

Yeah I am, still falling for you.







4 responses to “Still falling for you..!”

    1. dark_anki Avatar

      Thank you..😊😊


  1. Ujala Avatar

    Better to let go than to hold back…..
    Beautiful! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dark_anki Avatar

      Yup and thanks

      Liked by 1 person

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