Is this meant to be my journey?

​Is this meant to be my journey? Or still I am walking in illusions, or may be it’s just mine delusion..! 

Well hold on you will know about your part soon. Don’t give up on your attitude and your part of suspense.

This is the place, where my journey of school start, 

I was in first class, at this place, I first time came to know, what is meaning of friend, here I learn my first chapters, first time I made friends here,  golu, rahul, abhishek, ambika, dishu, shibu, appu, vicky, saurav, and many others. I live 4 years with them and then I left, but still after 10 years, I remember everything, that how we played there, our race. And mata vaishno Devi mandir, 

shop which we are restricted to go in lunch time. Games with vicky and appu, also it’s the place, who first time broke my teeth. That playing cricket with clipboard. After 10 years I talk to few of them. Everything changed, as time change. I love this place, I love my character which I played 14 years ago at this place.

When I only listen to my heart. When I don’t care for future. When I didn’t hurt anyone. When I was dreaming only my present. When I don’t care who is using mind and who isn’t. When I don’t think that what is going to be my next move, and then next move and next. And when I don’t think, what move is going to be used by rival? When I had expectation from all. 

When I believe, that everything is done by god, when I don’t give a damn about, What society people think. When I don’t know what is the meaning of responsibility. I could fly wherever I want. When I don’t know the meaning of survival. How could I wish to be grow? Why I was in so hurry to took responsibility of life. And now today it’s my 20th bday, I am celebrating this night alone with dark. 

Is this what I want? Is this the light for which I came through a long dark tunnel? Is this the place, for which I left my close friends? Is this what I want to be? Seriously I don’t know yet, I can’t say yet, because till now it doesn’t seem like happy. And if you are going to asked someone about this. Mostly the answer is everything will be going to perfect with time. Well, I don’t know that, but yeah I know I am going to be habitual with this. And we all running in dark tunnel so we can get brighter future. Well if you ain’t happy right now, how can be possibly you will be happy tomorrow?

But still a hope rise, everything gonna be good, like you are just a layer closer to gold, don’t give up, coz it’s light, more you burn more you flash the light to others, it’s k… And if you want ‘the hole‘ then why came from that cold dark night?  Yeah we will never give up on this, but don’t go much hard on yourself, go as much you can hold. But still I am missing those days when it was just all good.. missing my all those friends, wanna live that time once again, and just want that it stays for long.








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