You will never realize, you are losinng someone, it’s very slow process, hours changes to days, days changes to months, and months changes to year.

And he never came back. Then you feel that you had lost him.

Earlier it was “this person, he is my life, he is my inspiration, he took my hand and walk with me, when I was alone.”

And Now “this person, was once my life, he was my hero, and I never get chance to say him, and now it’s too late. He left me, and it was so painful.”

When something worse happened in our life we thought and believe that this pain is more then ever, and no more pain could hurt us, but we are wrong, there is always something more painful, waiting for us. 

“Separation is the real truth” it was written on the wall of hostel’s room, it was written by my senior ‘Amit sir’. That time I just read the words and understand the feelings behind it, but now I realize the pain behind it. I understand the state of mind he was going through that time, and few days back I saw him, he seems happy, so we can’t say, he just write that thing and he don’t care.. No.. he understand that line, he understand each word and accept it, ‘separation is real truth’ from our birth we are losing something as we grow up one year, we loose few years of life. Life meant to be go with the flow of time, as I earlier discuss the story of bicycle (If you didn’t read it, then check my last post ‘The Girl‘). And we have to move on from friends and people around you as there was a saying, “that height lover birds, don’t fell in love with plants and tree”. 

Yeah…! It’s k… If they left you, find new people, In this life you will meet so many people and all of different kind but to those people who were part of my life once, I still love you, and you will remain a part of my heart although you left me alone or forget me. I will never forget you. And as we all know to get something new we have to lose something, it’s true.. Don’t worry you will be happy in your new life with new friends. 

Once my friend told me, ‘Change is painful’, now I realize what he was trying to tell me. But we have to accept things and try to move on, things always changed and who know what new is waiting for us so live happy and enjoy your life. As your life is going the same way you want to be. If you wanna say no it’s not. Don’t worry one day you will realize and you will say yeah it is. 

As a wise man said ‘choose your words wisely” about this i will tell you later hope you enjoy this. Thanks for reading this.








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