The Hole

I was observing him, he was too quick. He came out when it was all normal for him and finding any indication or sign  of harm, he ran back quickly to his home. He felt safe back there in that hole. Again came outside and then again back to the hole. This was his continuous process to survive.

It’s not only about him, we all human beings are kind of similar to him, for this process.

In morning we all go out, start new work or startup, and as soon we start to face problems, we give up, ran back to our hole, which in our language called as comfort zone.

We have to come out from our comfort zone otherwise we will loose the one life we got. In Hinduism it’s a belief that a soul get a human body after about 86 lakh creatures/bodies. Such a long journey we had travelled for this human body. And what we are doing…! taking rest in our comfort zone and trespassing other’s life, and commenting on things happening in surrounding. 

We all want to do something, something new, something different that give us happiness, but we couldn’t, cause we don’t wanna leave our comfort zone.

Have you ever seen a child whenever, he feel afraid or face anything hard, he quickly came back to his mother’s lap, because he feel comfort there.

We all running in dark tunnel for comfort. It’s normal thing but to be legend we have to leave our comfort zone, work hard. So at last when we die, when we will be really going for comfort. We can die without any regret and with satisfaction.

So the ‘hole’ we think, is our ‘hole’ is not the very real hole, we ever wanted to live with in.

Understand yourself, go for your passion and do what you love to do, there you will find your real hole.

‘hole is not just a hole, it’s  something precious to us, but you have to find the right hole, which will be perfect for you.







6 responses to “The Hole”

  1. manishmanublog Avatar

    Really Suprbbbb ankiiiii …

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    1. dark_anki Avatar

      Thnks buddy


  2. Sunil Chandel Avatar

    good stuf buddy

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    1. dark_anki Avatar

      Thanks brdr


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    […] light, more you burn more you flash the light to others, it’s k… And if you want ‘the hole‘ then why came from that cold dark night?  Yeah we will never give up on this, but […]


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