I have had travel twenty years alone, on this path called life, experienced a lot, but still there is so much to learn, so much to know, revealing truth and lies, but still some remains unanswered, felt enormous emotions but still some left unfelt, walking on unknown path, keeping patience for falling of curtain, from suspense made by life, some time wait, and sometime it passes quickly, but never stop, some time high tides coz of full moon, and sometime nothing as of twilight, first it come spring, new lovely emotions, then it goes for rainy, tears came out and at last autumn, felt like dead, felt hopeless and then again cycle reverse itself and we again start to live for dying once again, that’s the real truth of life, and nothing more it’s constant just a pattern coming again and again in different and astonishing ways, either for long interval or timeless, it’s all going to be happen again and again, although we know this, but still we don’t want to deprived from it, because it make us feel that we are alive, anothervise living or dead are similar, I am travelling to find the real truth of life, but still don’t know it’s the real truth or not, either its real or fake, only person know that is “TIME”, stronger then diamond and more flexible then any matter, because of him, we are unite and busy in our schedule.

Still finding.. #real_truth_of_life






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